Politec is an Italian company that, for over 20 years, has been designing, developing and producing anti-intrusion sensors and perimeter barriers, specially designed to detect the presence of intruders and safeguard your property by preventing any potential intrusion attempt.

Politec adopts a customer-oriented approach, resulting in innovative solutions capable of protecting daily life.

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Being the leader in anti-intrusion perimeter protections.

Politec has chosen to specialise in perimeter protections as they fulfil the chief aim of a prevention system: that of stopping the intrusion before the relevant area is directly accessed; moreover these solutions have a broad application range and protect areas of varying sizes, including residential contexts (detached houses), industrial environments (industrial sheds or zones) or even sensitive areas such as airports, refineries, prisons, photovoltaic fields, military bases, harbours, etc.

Research and development

Research and development have always been the cornerstones on which Politec has based its constant growth, as the company’s goal is to conceive products entirely different to those of competitors…and so far we’ve succeeded: currently we are the reference for professionals thanks to our high qualitative and technological standards coupled with ease of use and installation, resulting in products with high added-value.

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On-going research

Innovation has always been the defining quality of Politec, as the company is constantly engaged in technological evolution by combining the various technologies available on the market and potentially serving both residential and industrial contexts. To this aim, our products are ideally suited to protecting perimeters of any size, from apartment blocks to military bases.

“Made in Italy” excellence

The secret behind our cutting-edge products lies in full control of each production phase, from product development to the assembly and testing phases. All phases are carried out in-house by expert technical staff whose approach is constantly oriented towards the future. Politec puts the same meticulous attention in supervising the companies of its production chain. This is a crucial aspect to carve a reputation on the national and international markets and to highlight the distinctive quality and originality for which “Made in Italy” products have earned worldwide renown.

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