Politec uses and develops the technologies with the best performances, improving their efficiency and combining them to maximise their reliability and enhance the security for users, and also facilitate their installation for our long-standing customers.


Thanks to the SMA (Single Man Alignment) technology, the barriers can be aligned with a single operator, which simplifies installation on the one hand, but also ensures optimal alignment.
Given that our products are technologically advanced, we decided to supply an extremely advanced system that is unique among its kind.
This is an automatic alignment system that gives the best result within seconds, thanks to the optical synchronism used to transmit a signal to the receiver, which acoustically signals the alignment.

Passive sensors

Passive sensors are normally used to protect entrances, accesses and openings to areas to be protected, as they define a delimited outdoor zone.

This type of sensor combines passive infrared technology and 24/7 active microwave sensing also in the wireless version, making it unique in the world among its kind.

The passive sensor detects the difference in volume between the time during which the space is protected and the appearance of an intruder.

Passive sensor products

sensori passivi
barriere infrarossi politec

Infrared barriers

Our barriers are characterised by infrared devices consisting of a transmitter and a receiver divided into multiple beams (both horizontal and criss-cross) located at different heights to precisely detect any intrusions. These devices have an optical range that varies in relation to the intended use: from 10 metres for windows to 250 metres for protecting large perimeters.

When a beam is crossed by an element, the alarm rings. In order to prevent false alarms triggered by atmospheric agents or animals, our technology incorporates special systems that foresee such conditions, so that only those events due to intrusions are recorded.

Microwave barriers

Our microwave perimeter barriers detect movements by means of a technology that creates a beam of high-frequency electromagnetic waves, forming an invisible cigar-shaped barrier that is highly sensitive and reliable if we consider its diameter.

The radiation emitted by the sensor emits reaches the object, which then reflects part of the signal.

If an object gets between the transmitter and the receiver, the signal returning to the sensor will have a different frequency: the pulse train received by the module will be greater or smaller depending on the distance. This difference triggers the alarm.

Microwave barrier products

barriere microonda politec
barriere doppia tecnologia

Dual-technology barriers

In order to enhance their performances, our barriers mount dual-technology sensors that use both types of radiation (microwave and infrared). Depending on the installation, the devices only trigger if both the alarm signals occur – AND instead of OR.

False alarms are thus drastically reduced because the system performs two checks. There are several sources of disturbance around the perimeter zone, such as animals that may cross the sensor continuously. In this case, a dual-technology sensor performs better in relation to false alarms.

Dual-technology barrier products

Triple-technology barriers

Due to the fact that the electromagnetic wave is generated from the microwave, which is shaped like a cigar, there are dead zones that can be covered with overlaps between barriers or by applying a new-generation sensor to make the area impenetrable.

Triple-technology barrier products

Barriere tripla tecnologia
barriere wireless politec

Wireless barriers

Our wireless barriers are designed to be universally compatible with all the major manufacturers of wireless transmission boards. This reduces the time and costs associated with permanent installations and allows for using active infrared barriers for rapid or temporary installations (one or two 3.6 V – 17 Ah batteries can power each unit for roughly 3 years).

Wireless barrier products

Hybrid barriers

Politec alarm systems combine, in a conforming manner, wired technology with the functions and advantages of a wireless connection.
The system is easy to install with 220 V power supply and all signals are transmitted in a completely wireless manner.

Hybrid barrier products

barriere ibride politec
sensori anti sfondamento

Shock and anti-climb sensors

These sensors represent an authentic innovation and evolution in the perimeter protection sector. They are able to distinguish and/or detect all types of vibration and movement, resulting in the best possible protection for a broad range of supports.

Politec has been striving to develop innovative sensors, paving the way for applications previously unimaginable in both the industrial and residential fields. The most important innovation for our sensors concerns the evolution technology, as the devices self-learn on the basis of the movements they detect. Consequently, these products are designed to protect: meshes and fences, grilles and gratings, gates, security bars, reinforced doors, windows, garages and entrance doors.

Shock and anti-climb sensor products

Control unit

Monitoring control unit inclusive of graphic software, data communication in the field with RS485 Bus, with local PC in RS232 and LAN/ETHERNET-TCP/IP communication, the usefulness of which emerges when the site to be protected is far from the installer or in case of poor accessibility (bad weather, night-time, etc.).
Its functions are suited to managing systems with a high number of barriers or particularly large perimeters, as it allows for fully controlling the system even remotely: the status data of each barrier can be checked. In particular, besides the serial number, it displays the main statuses of the individual barrier and its optics. It is an indispensable element for managing sites with different protection characteristics.