Technical training course

Since we establish a contractual relationship for the sale of our products, we expect the technical-sales staff who manage your network to be perfectly acquainted with our products.
To this aim, Politec arranges for your sales network technical training days to explain our products: composition of our systems, configuration software, integration of our systems with other systems.

Our customers can follow each phase of the promotional development together with our Sales and Marketing Departments, to devise training programmes and solutions fully attuned to their policies and communication and business strategies.

Sales support

Our Sales Support Team, aided by the Marketing Department, ensures the smooth running of the sales process and related services. What we propose to customers is crucial to the success of our business strategy. For this reason, we believe that the service must continue beyond the sales phase.

The Sales Support staff is the link between our Sales Team and our customers: it provides materials and arranges ancillary activities to enhance both the quality and quantity of sales.

We will help you to draw up a promotional calendar to support you in every phase of the pre- and after-sales process; it is therefore crucial that the Support Teams are adequately trained and possess a broad range of skills.

Training for your installers

Training courses to create new sales opportunities

Politec arranges training courses for your installers to acquaint them with our products, so that they can operate autonomously and easily choose the most appropriate products for industrial or residential systems.

The courses involve a specific programme focusing on design, implementation, installation and testing aspects. The aim is to provide in-depth knowledge on security, general system design data, the actual design of the system and the most appropriate product to fulfil the protection requirements.

Another factor not to be underestimated concerns the new regulatory updates involving security and privacy issues. Your installers must constantly keep track of the most important novelties concerning our technologies and the security sector. For Politec, participating in the professional update courses equates to building expertise and customer loyalty, by offering customers a reliable and professional service.

politec servizi installatori

On-site assistance

Politec has a professional and expert Technical Assistance Team to help your installers manage their projects autonomously, both when selecting the most appropriate product and during the installation phase. 
Our technical personnel is always on hand to provide estimates and suggestions directly on-site. 
We always recommend this type of support, in order to optimise the quality of the job, speed up its execution and obtain efficient results.

The proper execution and management of the implementation phase requires careful arrangement of the system. To this aim, Politec takes into account specific environmental aspects, the type of support and appropriate solutions to overcome construction difficulties, all in accordance with the applicable regulations concerning perimeter security.

The professional team of technicians will suggest the most adequate sequence on the basis of the specific requests and conditions, offering advice for the implementation phase in addition to on-site assistance.


Politec and its partners are well equipped to propose to their distributors’ installers who use our products a training programme geared towards obtaining a specific certification, so that they can enhance their visibility on the market and, above all, join the elite of security professionals.

Moreover, the programme constitutes an opportunity for all those technicians who believe in developing their knowledge, abilities and experiences and desire competing on the market with a certification process.
A Politec certified professional possesses the security-related knowledge, abilities and skills to decide which product to use in every situation and how it must be installed, serviced and subsequently maintained.

Our aim is to train – professionally and technically – specialists to help design studios, building sites, companies and private subjects in the decision-making process and offer them advanced technical support.

politec progettazione

Support to distributors with design studios

Site inspections

Politec assists you during site inspections to examine the works and diagnose the supports, culminating in a report on the prevention systems deemed most appropriate for protecting the relevant areas.

The technical inspection can involve a physical inspection by our specialised technician, who will define the actual feasibility and efficiency of the barriers for protecting the areas involved in the projects of your design studios.

This service consists in verifying in advance and optimising the standards, based on the site’s current or potential intrusion risks, as early as the construction phase. It may involve the measurements or even technical comments regarding the arrangement of electrical circuits, followed by the most suitable proposals and instructions.

Drafting of specifications

For design studios – your clients for both residential and industrial applications – the Politec technicians support your design staff, assist you on-site, draw up a report on the inspection and draft a specification for the system that optimally fulfils the requirements of the site to be protected and the lifestyle of the people occupying it.

In this phase, the most efficient equipment and technologies are defined, together with the points where they will be positioned.

On-site assistance

Our on-site assistance to distributors translates into support during meetings with construction companies to arrange security measures both within the site but, above all, perimeter protection systems for the completed works. In this activity, we help the company to manage technical documentation and liaise with the works coordinator and the site manager.

We manage the contract by collaborating with your installers for checking the design in advance and monitoring operations on-site.
We also organise a technical assistance service involving inspections to supervise and check beforehand any discrepancies at the site, implementing the necessary measures to prevent intrusions and protect the site.