Sandor sma ws

The SANDOR SMA WS barrier range is a pair consisting of one TX column and one RX column. The new self-learning electronic system of the optics can manage from 2 to 6 optics with dual lens and SMA technology.
Both the reliability and performance have improved consistently thanks to the new-generation electronic components, reduced consumption and a battery life up to 36 months, which can vary in relation to the number of beams located in the columns.

The synchronism is optical, while for obvious absorption-related reasons there is no thermostating which reduces the TX–RX range to 50 metres, in order to prevent potential false alarms in adverse weather conditions. Through dip-switches it is possible to programme the OR/AND functions, crossing speed and the activation of the fog disqualification function. The alarm and tamper signals are given through two distinct outputs which are then connected to the most common radio transmitters available on the market, housed in the RX columns. The tamper alarm of the TX column is transmitted to the receiver in an optical manner.
The two columns making up the SANDOR SMA WS barrier with 2 or 3 beams are compatible with the PARVIS SMA WS 2+2 or 3+3 barrier.

  • Not being wired products, they are extremely versatile and can be connected anywhere, without having to intervene on the paving to wire the cables

  • Completely wireless, these barriers are self-powered and, in the absence of power, guarantee 3 years of autonomy without charging

  • Available in different lengths, they combine excellent performances and a design that blends into any setting

  • The low battery signal is given through a buzzer, when the beams are interrupted

  • The low battery signal and disqualification output can be remoted through dedicated outputs on the control board