Sandor sma HY

The SANDOR SMA HY range reflects the WS range precisely in terms of characteristics and functions, consisting of paired barriers with a TX and an RX column.
The new self-learning electronic system of the optics can manage from 2 to 6 optics with dual lens and SMA technology. The new-generation electronic components have led to constant improvements in reliability, also thanks to the lower consumption levels.

The distinctive feature of this range is that the columns contain a small feeder with rechargeable back-up batteries guaranteeing an autonomy of 3 months. Consequently, the barriers can work optimally in any weather conditions, as they have a double power supply: 3.6 VDC for the circuit and 12 VDC for the thermostating function, adjusted by the thermostat located inside them, meaning they can also operate at a maximum range of 100 metres.

  • In the event of power shortages, the back-up batteries only power the circuit part, automatically excluding the thermostating function

  • The alarm and tamper signals are given through two distinct outputs which are then connected to the most common radio transmitters available on the market, housed in the RX columns

  • If the battery wears out completely, an alarm is generated as the micro-relay is a positive security device. The low battery signal and disqualification output can be remoted through dedicated outputs on the control board

  • The sensors are equipped with an anti-tamper device and a device for identifying and signalling tampering attempts

  • The optics can be oriented and their alignment is not influenced by the shape of the terrain or the perimeter’s layout, so the devices can be installed on any slope or depression