Sandor dual quad esa

The range of Sandor active infrared barriers can be used to create sophisticated and reliable anti-intrusion solutions for perimeter protection in residential or industrial settings. Thanks to their custom dimensions, they can be rapidly installed to protect glass doors, glass walls or skylights of industrial buildings. Each beam has two independent and separate rays to prevent insects from interrupting the beam and triggering the alarm.

Sandor barriers stem from the typical solution based on two paired columns, one housing the TX dual-optic beams and the other the RX beams. They are specially designed and recommended to protect walls with very broad surfaces, thanks to their long range and beam selection options – parallel or criss-cross, forming a grid-like pattern. Each signal emitted by the transmitters is received by all the receivers.
Also this range is equipped with the SMA technology, with all the advantages in aligning the optics during installation or subsequent interventions. The synchronisation method is exclusively optical.

  • The optics housed inside the barriers have a special swivelling support to orient them and obtain the best possible alignment in any installation position

  • The possibility of having barriers with two, four or six optics makes the product suitable for any requirement

  • These devices have a very long range and can therefore be installed far from the property without being conspicuous

  • Being customised products, their size and optics vary in relation to the protection needs, adapting to any environment.

  • The criss-cross beam technology ensures full protection, thanks to the dual optics that can be oriented according to needs