A miniaturised barrier, specially designed and recommended for protecting doors and windows. Thanks to its long range, it can be used to protect very large surfaces, using the appropriate jointed brackets (if necessary), provided that they are not directly exposed to the elements.
Parallel synchronised beams, housed in an anodised anticorodal aluminium structure with polycarbonate front.

Easy to install and to programme thanks to the automatic alignment, it is highly immune to sunlight and false alarms in general. Each beam is always formed by a dual optic in AND mode, while the alarm can be programmed in OR mode with a single beam and different intervention times, or in AND random mode by interrupting at least 2 random beams.
Depending on the standard or oversize heights available on request, it is possible to add from 2 double beams, present on the CPU motherboard, to maximum 10 beams with flat cables of various sizes.

  • A window barrier with dimensions adaptable to any window or glass door available on the market

  • Full-optional barrier with several features that facilitate installation: a bracket rotating by 180° and holes for wall mounting on the end caps, inclusive of seals

  • For non-standard or oversize dimensions, the number of beams on the CPU motherboard can be increased from 2 to maximum 10

  • Owing to its compact size and light weight, it can also be inserted in niches or recessed structures for a “concealed” effect

  • Barriers built to last, in which the optics and electronic boards are inserted in an aluminium structure with polycarbonate front

  • Given their power, they can cover single windows or a series of windows, starting from a maximum coverage of 5 metres with the completely white profile to 15 metres with the black profile