parvis sma solar

Parvis SOLAR SMA marks a further evolution of the range as it exploits the alternative energy of the sun. The barriers are equipped with a mini solar panel applied to the upper part of the display. It ensures that the batteries inside the columns are constantly charged, so that they can power the circuitry and all the optics. The barriers are of the low-consumption type, with 2 to 6 beams, optical synchronism and a maximum range of 50 metres. They must be interfaced with the alarm control unit using conventional radio system transmitters available on the market for alarm and tamper signalling.

The rechargeable batteries are guaranteed to last at least 3 months, taking into account the periods of absence of sunlight. If the battery wears out completely, an alarm is generated as the micro-relay is a positive security device. The low battery signal and disqualification output can be remoted through dedicated outputs on the control board.
PARVIS SOLAR SMA 2+2 or 3+3 can be interfaced with the SANDOR SOLAR SMA pair with 2 or 3 beams in TERMINAL mode.

  • A completely wireless barrier, powered by a solar panel that charges the back-up battery and interfacing with the control unit via radio communication

  • It does not require direct exposure to sunlight as regular indirect daylight is sufficient

  • Thanks to its technology and versatility, it can be used to protect permanent areas such as residential structures, but also commercial areas such as parking lots, building perimeters and even temporary structures

  • The system is easy and quick to install: it has an alignment system and can be configured with any control unit thanks to its universal housing for electronic boards

  • It is not affected by any interferences due to electronic equipment or heat sources, as the technology and materials used are tested with cutting-edge instruments

  • This type of barrier is ideal for people desiring a qualitatively reliable product that allows for saving on maintenance and energy costs for powering it