Also in this case, the system is based on a single column but that houses 2 or 3 dual TX beams and 2 or 3 RX beams, depending on the height of the column. The perimeter protection can therefore be of any length and suit any shape of the site. It has all the characteristics and functions of the SANDOR SMA HY range and, therefore, is compatible with the 2- or 3-beam column pair in TERMINAL mode.

The new-generation electronic components have led to constant improvements in reliability, also thanks to the lower consumption levels. The distinctive feature of this range is that the columns contain a small feeder with rechargeable back-up batteries guaranteeing an autonomy of 3 months with a lack of mains power supply.

  • The low battery signal and disqualification output can be remoted through dedicated outputs on the control board

  • The alarm and tamper signals are given through two distinct outputs which are then connected to the most common radio transmitters available on the market, housed in the RX columns. The tamper alarm of the TX column is transmitted to the receiver in an optical manner

  • The beams inside the columns can be adjusted as required without altering the system’s full protection characteristics

  • Column with 230 VDC power supply and installed feeder that allows for charging the rechargeable batteries and using the heating systems

  • The products are tested and pre-wired in the factory to simplify the installation process and minimise wiring operations during installation