The pulse-mode and synchronised infrared photoelectric devices create an invisible and unobtrusive barrier, as they are attached to a supporting aluminium structure – of the same diameter as normal light fittings – covered by a polycarbonate body front. They are supplied with two different end caps to close the pole either with a flat cap or with various light fitting models available on the market.

These and other characteristics have earned the product a European patent. They are extremely versatile in terms of their technical performance characteristics: besides the most common signal outputs, special functions can be selected according to the user’s needs.

  • A security system for exteriors, for civil or industrial applications, that integrates into the garden illumination system. As a result, no further excavations or wiring are necessary

  • A universal fitting for mounting pole-top lights with 60 mm diameter can be used to mount any light fitting model available on the market, to match those already present on the site

  • The electronic system discriminates the passage of small animals in advance, thanks to the AND-mode dual-lens optics

  • The double-beam devices fitted on the column (maximum 4 for TX and RX) are jointed, enabling them to be rotated by 180° horizontally and 20° vertically to adapt to any length and shape of the site.

  • To control the system locally or remotely, it is sufficient to connect the power supply and synchronisation cable and connect all the columns with an RS485 serial cable ending in the ADEBUS control unit

  • Compatible with SANDOR PLUS SMA and MANA IR SMA, therefore these devices can be mounted on the same perimeter system as required