nat slim

The NAT Slim curtain sensor is designed for outdoor use to protect windows and patio doors, but also industrial doors. Moreover, thanks to its exclusive technology, the number of false alarms is greatly reduced.

A wireless passive infrared sensor capable of creating a “curtain-like” protective barrier for doors and windows, or wherever it is necessary to detect movements occurring in a single direction. Its performance characteristics make it suitable for use in both industrial and residential applications.

A wireless sensor that is easy and quick to install and is compatible with all universal radio transmitters that can be fitted in the internal housing.

  • It is a highly versatile sensor that can be added at any time, by simply modifying the configuration once only

  • Being entirely independent from the mains power supply, this outdoor perimeter sensor is highly reliable and is constantly monitored by the centralised system. This makes it even more secure compared to wired products

  • Compared to a contact sensor, it can always be activated even when the door/window is not completely shut (as in the case of patio doors or hopper windows)

  • It protects the home’s outdoor areas (garden, terrace, balcony, etc.) by preventing intruders from penetrating inside the house, as they are detected while they are still outside. This system also limits damages to the door/window fixtures.

  • A battery-powered sensor with an autonomy of 3 years that connects to the alarm control unit through a wireless system. The absence of wires, therefore, makes the product easy and quick to install

  • NAT Slim can be installed both indoors and outdoors, in gardens, on terraces and similar areas, also if animals are present, as the sensor is designed to distinguish the movements of pet animals from those of humans