sensore da esterno nat

A highly compact dual-technology sensor, suitable for protecting small openings such as windows and doors, positioned on the upper corner either horizontally or vertically.

Its construction, mechanical and electronic features make it suitable for outdoor installation, typically to protect facades, thanks to the adjustable range. The latter is adjusted through two independent trimmers and can reach 12 metres. The system also has an IP65 protection rating and is supplied with various accessories.

The infrared section adapts constantly to temperature changes to ensure suitable coverage. The dip-switches present can be used to set certain functions, such as the AND and OR mode with pulse counter, the anti-masking system and the self-compensation of function values in case of critical weather conditions (hail, driving rain, etc.), making the devices highly immune to false alarms. Lastly, the LEDs can be disabled after the calibration and walk test have terminated.

  • The microwave and infrared beam range can be adjusted as desired

  • A small roof shields the system against sunlight, in order to preserve the sensitivity of the sensors and protect them from the elements

  • The sensors prevent potential tampering by intruders. They also have an anti-blinding function and emit a signal whenever they are manually removed from their housing

  • The dual technology allows for protecting both entrances and sensitive outdoor areas, albeit not particularly extensive

  • The dual-technology protection is highly reliable and offers undoubted advantages. It can detect any movement within the environment and is very difficult to tamper with

  • It features K-band detectors that emit microwaves with a higher frequency compared to the standard. Due to its physical characteristics, it has a lower penetration force, limiting its action to the space to be protected without being disturbed by doors, walls and windows which can generate false alarms