Who we are

We are an Italian company specialised in the design and production of active infrared intrusion detection perimeter systems, specifically studied to fulfil any indoor and outdoor perimeter protection requirement.


We have developed a considerable research and innovative development potential that enables us to tackle the emerging challenges posed by an increasingly demanding market. As a result, we can adapt to the needs of customers increasingly sensitive to security issues.


We are able to offer products that are constantly evolving with regard to their technology. Besides their high qualitative and technological standards, they have limited costs and are easy to install and to maintain.


Over 20 years of experience have honed our technological development skills considerably, enabling us to respond to the pressing demands of the market and to security-related concerns.
tecnologie politec

We use the technologies ensuring the best performances available on the market, improving their efficiency and combining them to enhance the security for users and facilitate their installation for our long-standing customers.

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Why detect an intrusion when it has already happened? This question is at the base of Politec’s core business.
We have deliberately specialized in the production of perimeter barriers because our products are born to protect every external opening and every access: doors, windows, shutters, balconies or the perimeter of our building (for example a garden or an area bounded by a gate), to prevent theft but also damage to residential and industrial facilities.

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